The Terror Live

Original name: 더 테러 라이브

Director: Kim Byung-Woo

Release: 2013

Runtime: 97 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime


Ha Jung-Woo
as Yoon Young-Hwa
Lee Kyoung-Young
as Cha Dae-Eun
Jeon Hye-Jin
as Park Jung-Min
Kim So-Jin
as Lee Ji-Soo
Lim Hyun-Sung
as newsroom monitor engineer


Yoon Young-Hwa Ha Jung-Woo is a former popular TV anchorman, but due to an unsavory incident now works as a radio show host. One morning, a listener calls in to his radio program and declares that I will blow up the Mapodaegyo Bridge. At first, the call is taken as a joke, but soon Yoon Young-Hwa realizes it is very real. The Mapodaegyo Bridge, which can be seen from the radio station office, suddenly explodes.