The Love

Original name: 欲爱

Director: Chu Hui Lin

Release: 2016

Runtime: 126 min

Country: China

Genre: Romance


What would you do if the woman you marry is not the person you thought she was?

Wu Tian Xiang (Liu Qian Cheng) hid his real identity as a general’s son to try to find true love. He fell in love with Xue Er (Jin Bo Han) at first sight, but their relationship ends badly and Xue Er’s father drives Tian Xiang away.

Years later, Tian Xiang runs into Xue Er again, and she behaves coldly and seems to have no residual feelings for him. Tian Xiang restores his real identity to marry Xue Er with the intent to get revenge on her. But is Xue Er really the woman Tian Xiang thought he knew and loved?