The Imprisoned Love

Original name: 囚爱

Director: Chu Hui Lin

Release: 2016

Runtime: 126 min

Country: China

Genre: Romance


He has the wrong woman.

Ren Hao Ming (Sun Wei Lun) is devastated when someone steals his mother’s design and then kills her. He thinks that the mother of Ruan Qing Tian (Feng Zhi Mo) is the culprit, and he forces Qing Tian to work for him as a nanny for one year to pay for her mother’s sins. Hao Ming also legally marries Qian Tian to torment her even more.

By the time that Hao Ming discovers that someone else killed his mother, Qing Tian is pregnant with his child and plotting her own revenge against him. What will become of this doomed contract marriage?