The Bride

Original name: 新娘

Director: Chu Hui Lin

Release: 2016

Runtime: 126 min

Country: China

Genre: Romance


The wedding is called off after a terrible accident.

On the wedding day of Ruan Qing Tian (Feng Zhi Mo) and Ren Hao Ming (Sun Wei Lun), someone pushes Qing Tian’s father off the top of the building, putting him into a coma. When Qing Tian finds out that Hao Ming was on top of the building, she calls off the wedding and leaves him.

Three years later, Hao Ming and Qing Tian meet again when they work for the same company. Qing Tian is living with Hao Ming’s best man, and Hao Ming is engaged to another woman.

When Qing Tian’s father wakes up from his coma and tells the police who really pushed him off the building, what will happen to Qing Tian and Hao Ming?