Days of Wrath

Original name: 응징자

Director: Shin Dong-Yeob

Release: 2013

Runtime: 103 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Thriller


Yang Dong-Geun
as Chang-Sik
Joo Sang-Wook
as Joon-Seok
Lee Tae-Im
as Ji-Hee


Back in his high school days, Joon-Seok Joo Sang-Wook was bullied by Chang-Sik Yang Dong-Geun. Because of this, Joon-Seok's high school days were like a nightmare. Now, Joon-Seok finds it difficult to live a normal life due to the bullying. Meanwhile, Chang-Sik, who has forgotten what he did to Jeon-Seok, lives a relatively happy life. He is about to marry Ji-Hee Lee Tae-Im. Joon-Seok will pay him back for all the misery.