You Are Too Much

Original name: 당신은 너무합니다

Director: Baek Ho-Min

Release: March 4, 2017 --

Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 20:45

Episode: 50 Episodes

Status: Complete

Country: Korea

Genre: Romance


Uhm Jung-Hwa
as Yoo Ji-Na
Ku Hye-Sun
as Jung Hae-Dang
Kang Tae-Oh
as Lee Kyung-Soo
Kang Nam-Kil
as Jung Kang-Sik
Shin Da-Eun
as Jung Hae-Jin


Yoo Ji-Na Uhm Jung-Hwa has been a popular singer for the past 20 years, but she holds pain inside because of something she abandoned when she was younger. Meanwhile, Jung Hae-Dang Ku Hye-Sun began working as a Yoo Ji-Na impersonator to support her family after her father lost his job. She sings on stage at a club and tries hard to mimic Yoo Ji-Na's songs.