Original name: 시간

Director: Jang Joon-Ho

Release: July 25, 2018 --

Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00

Episode: N/A

Status: Ep 06

Country: Korea

Genre: Romance


Kim Jung-Hyun
as Cheon Soo-Ho
as Seol Ji-Hyun
Kim Joon-Han
as Shin Min-Seok
Hwang Seung-Un
as Eun Chae-A


A man does not have much time to live. Giving everything he has, he struggles to help a woman whose life was destroyed because of him.
Soo-Ho (Kim Jung-Hyun) is the CEO of a restaurant and the son of a family that runs large company W. Due to him, Ji-Hyun’s (Seohyun) life is ruined. Soo-Ho wants to turn back time for Ji-Hyun. Meanwhile, Ji-Hyun had a bright personality and easily socialized with others, but things changed. Her younger sibling suddenly dies and her time stops right there.

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