Still Loving You

Original name: The Shining Eun-Soo | 빛나라 은수

Director: Kwak Ki-Won

Release: November 28, 2016 - 2017

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday 20:25

Episode: 120 Episodes

Status: Ep 63

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Lee Young-Eun
as Oh Eun-Soo
Park Ha-Na
as Kim Bit-Na
Kim Dong-Joon
as Yoon Soo-Ho
Choi Jung-Won
as Yoon Soo-Hyun
Yang Mi-Kyeong
as Park Yeon-Mi


A girl and a woman meet as student and teacher. 7 years later, they become sisters-in-law through marrying brothers and even become stepsisters after remarriage of parents.