Rakshasa Street

Original name: 镇魂街

Director: N/A

Release: 2017


Episode: 30 Episodes

Status: Complete

Country: China

Genre: Fantasy


It was a job interview like no other.

Xia Ling (An Yue Xi) is a recent college graduate who is still trying to find a job. When she gets a text message for a job interview at a company located on Rakshasa Street, she runs out first before stopping to think about how strange it is to have a job interview so late at night. But before she knows it, she has crossed over a transitional dimension, the realm between the human world and hell.

The guardian generals of Rakshasa Street are brothers Cao Yan Bing (Jiro Wang) and Cao Xuan Liang, who come from a family of guardian generals. Who has brought Xia Ling to this strange place where no humans have come before and how will she survive?