Love Is Drop by Drop

Original name: 사랑은 방울방울

Director: N/A

Release: November 28, 2016 - 2017

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday 19:20

Episode: N/A

Status: Ep 62

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Wang Ji-Hye
as Eun Bang-Wool
Kang Eun-Tak
as Park Woo-Hyuk
Kong Hyun-Joo
as Han Chae-Rin
Kim Min-Soo
as Kang Sang-Chul
Kim Myung-Soo
as Eun Jang-Ho


Eun Bang-Wool Wang Ji-Hye falls in love with the man who received a heart transplant from ex-boyfriend. She faces secrets around her.