Delicious Destiny

Original name: 美味奇缘

Director: Ke Zheng Ming

Release: 2017


Episode: 55 Episodes

Status: Ep 35

Country: China

Genre: Romance


A taping of a culinary show will never be the same. Li Yu Zhe (Mike D'Angelo) is a famous chef of Western cuisine who is passionate about gourmet food. When he is asked to host a television cooking program, he meets the director of the show, Song Jia Ming (Mao Xiao Tong), who has a fine palette. They immediately begin to bicker over the content of the show, but it isn’t long before the strong feelings turn to mutual attraction.

Yu Zhe’s childhood friend, Ye Yi Xuan (Chen Xin Yu), becomes jealous of Yu Zhe’s growing closeness with Jia Ming and tries to win over his heart for herself. Meanwhile, Zhao Han (Zhang Yu Jian) continues his one-sided crush on Yi Xuan.

Can Yu Zhe and Jia Ming overcome all obstacles and bond over their appreciation of fine foods? “Delicious Destiny” is a 2017 Chinese drama series directed by Ke Zheng Ming.